Video Marketing for The Recruitment Industry

#IndustryInfluncer the easiest way of incorporating video into your marketing strategy


In recent years, video marketing has proven to transform the entire hiring process within the recruitment industry. It’s revolutionising the way recruiters are doing business. Whether you’re trying to reach more candidates, raise awareness, present your employer’s brand in an attractive way or simply increase application rate… video can save time, money and evolve the way that you communicate and ultimately hire candidates.

With video in 2019 accounting for 80% of all global internet traffic, it’s no surprise that most industries are incorporating video. Video is getting serious traction by recruiters too. So, here’s our run down of why the Recruitment industry needs video marketing


The recruitment industry has changed. According to research, the current job market is 90% candidate driven. That means that you’re no longer out there finding the talent… the talent is finding YOU.

This role reversal in recruitment means that finding the ideal candidate has become increasingly difficult and much more time consuming. The focus on candidates now mean that they are being treated like customers and recruiters need to step up their game to keep ahead of the market and ultimately; keep those customers happy.

Enter recruitment marketing.

Recruitment marketing is the strategy of implementing marketing tactics in recruiting. It’s the process of attracting talented candidates using tradition marketing methods. Whether it’s building personal brands through podcasting or YouTube channels, recruiters need to be more savvy about their marketing techniques if they’re going to be targeted by the best candidates.

There’s a video orientated revolution happening within the marketing industry and everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon. With 87% of online marketing using video content and 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video- it’s no surprise why. As a result, marketers and business owned are wanting to create video. Using social video as a marketing tool can be extremely lucrative, if it’s done well and done properly.

Enter social recruiting.


Social media marketing is fast becoming one of the most effective means of entering the top of the funnel and increasing reach and awareness to potential leads (candidates).

Social recruiting essentially means exploiting social media channels to gain more awareness and reach out to potential candidates. From blogging to LinkedIn to Facebook, Social media has a plethora of business opportunities that are waiting to be utilised.

It isn’t just a case of posting current vacancies adverts either. Social media allows you to proactively search for candidates, build relationships and encourage candidates to apply online. It’s no wonder that social recruiting has now become one of the top recruitment trends in 2019.

This illustration from TalentLyft perfectly depicts the relationship between recruitment and marketing. To enter to top of the funnel at the awareness stage, video in undeniably the most effective way of reaching audiences, targeting business prospects and ultimately; hiring the right candidate. With 94% of Recruiters plan to use social media for recruiting and 70% planning to increase investment in social recruiting, it’s clear that social marketing is fast becoming a necessity for recruitment.

Video Marketing

So, if you’re heading into recruiting marketing and social recruiting, where does video marketing come in?

In last few years video has started to dominate social media platforms. Social video generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. If you’re using social media as a business tool you need to be using the best equipment to make sure you make a real impact. Video the currently the most potent marketing tool there is.

The rise of influencers within business industries is also experiencing a major boom. People who are using video to build their own personal brands, reaching influencer status and ultimately boosting the number of candidates their reaching. Video is palpable, it’s relatable and if you’re looking to reach the next level, video marketing is where it is at.

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