Capoeira for All: A Case Study

What is Capoeira:

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form, combining self-defence, acrobatics, dance, music and song. It was developed by slaves who used it to disguise the fact that they were practising fight moves.

Who Are Capoeira for All:

Capoeira for All is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company established to explore and develop how the arts, in particular Capoeira, can significantly enrich people’s lives.

We were approached the team consisting of three young individuals, passionate not only about the art form of Capoeira itself but also for their community. Based in Toxteth, Capoeira for All are striving to engage with disadvantaged communities across Liverpool, through education and involvement in the art form itself.

Film Brief:

Jack-All's involvement in the project was to create a film for the Black History Month campaign at The International Slavery Museum, Liverpool. A documentary aiming to bring to light the origins and magic of Capoeira, which was born out of the slave trade.


To capture cinematic, emotive film to encapsulate the essence and beauty of the art from whilst providing an accessible and engaging explanation of what Capoeira is, and where it's origins came from and why.

Using a stylised colour grade, alongside a menage of slow motion footage of the art form combined with talking head pre recorded footage, we aimed to create a finished product that was both stylised and cinematic yet informative.


A 'social media ready' preview of the film:

Full film can be found here.

It was such an honour to be a part of this project.

A big thanks to 'Capoeira for All' for such amazing clients and teaching us all a bit more about this inspiring art form. As a team we are in awe of the amazing work you do; teaching moral values to children and communities such as; inclusion, equality, embracing differences and being a family outside of your family.

We hope you enjoy our film and please take a look at Capoeira for All for more information about the work they do.

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