When you know that video is the most lucrative content across social media channels but you don’t know how to film or edit?


Fear not. Our #IndustryInfluencer package provides you with the equipment you need to film yourself with quality sound and lighting on your own phone. You send us the footage, we edit it and send it back.


With each package you’ll be sent your guide on understanding video, tips and tricks and how to use the equipment provided. Alongside this we will arrange a video marketing tone of voice workshop to establish your audience, how you want to present yourself and video aesthetics and branding.

We have 6 years experience of making amazing videos for every sector, and now we want to make video accessible to you. 


You’ve undoubtedly seen footage across your social media channels or poorly-lit, shaky self-captured footage. Just because you’re capturing on your phone, doesn’t mean the quality should be poor. Set yourself apart when you sign up and receive your production package.


We use our marketing expertise and industry research to provide you with monthly video concept ideas and research packages so that you’re ahead of the game. No need to worry about researching topics, analysing competitors or writing up industry-specific facts and figures. With our packages we will provide you with the ideal information to make sure you’re consistently providing your social audience with thumb-stopping, engaging content, month after month.


We're video experts. We will discuss in the initial workshop the aesthetic that you feel most reflects your own personal brand and we will reflect this in the video we create. So whether its smooth edits or jump cuts, high contrast colour grading or a more gentle visual piece, we will make sure that you get the most visually relevant content, bespoke to you and your brand.


We’re always on hand for advice and tips on how to film and get the most out of your production kit, we’ll provide you with a guide to finding the most appropriate background, how to use lighting to your advantage, how to present yourself and best way to connect with your audience. We’ll look into understanding your audience, ideal video lengths for different platforms, most relevant posting times, hash tagging and micro copy, which platforms and why.

Our packages start from £200 p/cm.

Contact us today for your free consultation to see how you can get the most out of this service. 

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