Video marketing tips for social media platforms: part 2

Here it is. Part Two of our best advice for generating video content on social media. Last week we spoke about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with this second part bringing you our best tips for utilising video on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.


Because combined, these social media apps are the largest platforms for the 18 - 30 demographic, otherwise known as the most influential consumers changing the market today. It’s estimated that 1.9 billion people use the world's largest video sharing site online, YouTube. To put that into perspective, that’s a third of the whole Internet. 

Let’s get started.


Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms, and in turn, video is extremely popular. The platform is user friendly, with the explore page being utilised by companies to be discovered by their audiences. We dug deep to find out that 73% of online consumers will be impacted by a brands social media, and 32% have stated that they will look at a companies social media platform(s) before the website. With these results, over half of the marketers in the research have used video in their marketing strategy, with the majority of those saying they have found video very effective in reaching their goals.


48% of consumers researched agreed that seeing an Instagram video drove them to making a purchase and

13% said that they would like to see video content from their favorite brands. 

  1. People are using Instagram to be visually stimulated, so the visuals have to be well thought through and text should be kept to a minimum.

  2. Keeping a consistent theme that matches your company's brand is key. Having a visually inconsistent theme of colours, fonts and overall content on your page can put many followers off. 

  3. Keeping videos short and to the point is a good route to go down, only if the video is relevant to your brand. Stand out and get noticed with great video content - video recieves 21% more engagement than image and text based content. 

  4. Don’t forget about Instagram Stories, video content should be utilized with this standalone feature. Stories are a great place to grow an audience, with 47% of users enjoying seeing ads on their stories.

  5. Here’s a surprise one. Sound predominantly isn’t played when consumers watch video on mobile devices, but that’s not the case with stories. 60% of the stories are watched with the sound, so focus on audio quality and using music to capture your audience's attention! 


The platform is predominantly used by younger demographics and the nature of the video content is in turn playful and more raw than social media platforms like Instagram. 

Snapchat, used predominantly by Gen Z’s, utilise playful and self-captured video content. 77% of the platforms users in the UK are under 25, using video to communicate with friends. Due to the timer set on recording video, Snapchat utilises short form video content more than any of the previous social media platforms we have covered. Over 57% of brand related content uses short form video content and videos on the app has more than 10 billion views a day. 


Snapchat can be beneficial for companies looking to target younger demographics, however marketing on the app has been shown to be harder than other social media platforms. Only 12% of marketers say that they have used the platform and only 6% said that the site was beneficial for marketing a company's product or service. So is there any reason to try video marketing on the site? To have a successful video marketing strategy on the social media platform, companies need to ditch their traditional forms of marketing on social media and think outside of the box. 

  1. Only use Snapchat if you’re trying to reach the audience who are using it already. 

  2. Mass produced content can grab attention, but to gain followers and increased engagement, it’s crucial to give your brand identity. Getting across your brand tone of voice, whether that’s by using slang, emojis, behind the scenes content, can help establish your brands reputation. 

  3. The best way for a company to succeed on Snapchat is to pull back the curtain and reveal the ‘real’ side of the business, the inner workings and the staff through interviews, work trips and vlogs. 


YouTube has become more and more popular over the years and has now become the second most popular website after Google. It ranks highest for video content consumption, with over one billion hours of video being watched a day over 88 countries. 

Unlike the other sites we have looked at, the site isn't inherently social, with much of the traffic coming from people without accounts or lurkers (users who passively view content and engagements without engaging themselves). However, becoming a social presence on the platform can be extremely beneficial - the platforms highest earner in 2017 made $22 million


The social media platform has a ridiculously varied amount of content, it’s hard to pin down what works for businesses when creating content for the site. Your brands main objective on the platform is to understand the target audience, curating video content that is niche to the audience’s needs and wants. There is no clear strategy for making successful video marketing content on the platform, but we can share some tips. 

  1. Users on the channel will more likely watch a 10-minute detailed video compared to the other social media platforms. 

  2. If you create a bump ad (played before or within the video), you should get a message across in an impactful manner in the first six seconds. 

  3. Consumers use YouTube as a search engine, so keywords in the descriptions, titles and first 10-seconds of your video content is crucial for busting a video ranking. 

  4. Include a clear, appropriate and enticing thumbnail. Think of it like an ad! 

  5. Consider video shareability, allowing embedding can bring online traffic from other sites and new audiences. 

  6. If you’re wanting to grow a brand through YouTube, you need to schedule content on a regular basis with engaging calls-to-action to subscribe to not miss any videos which are coming up. Use emphasis on users clicking the bell button, so that they receive notification on new video content, as many channel’s video can be lost in YouTube algorithm in subscribers feeds. 

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