Video marketing tips for social media platforms: part 1

In a previous blog we spoke about the power of social media video content for creating relationships between brands and their consumers. Tailoring video content towards the intended consumers needs and wants is essential for creating engaging followers however it’s also crucial to understand how different social media platforms utilise video. 

In our next two blogs, we will look at all the major social media platforms, exploring the benefits and negatives of these platforms, for video marketing. Starting with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, we will explore the relationship between these platforms and video marketing, giving tips and advice on how to best utilize these platforms for brands in 2019. 


With both the largest subscribers and biggest ad revenue, Facebook is quickly becoming company’s favourite platform to promote their products and services. Around 100 million hours of video is being watched every day on Facebook. It is crucial for brands to have a strong video presence to best communicate their message. A Facebook executive went as far as stating that they think that all content will be video and no text by 2021. Views for branded video content have increased by 285% on Facebook between 2016 to 2017, showing that the platform is only becoming stronger for portraying a brand’s marketing messages. 84% of brand marketers publish video content on Facebook and 85% of them have also stated that it has been effective in achieving their goals. 

Tips for Facebook:

Facebook video works best when, rather than explaining the product or service, it focuses on the emotions and empathetic side of their audience. Relating to consumer’s emotions can help build engagement and increase the likelihood of the content being shared. An integral element of any video marketing on Facebook is representing your video’s message through visuals, rather than the content relying on or needing sound to portray a brand’s message. As 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, content should utilise visuals such as graphics, animations and subtitles. Additional tips for video marketing on the platforms are playlists that help organise brand videos and makes it easier for consumers to navigate the page and find exactly what they need to find. 


Similar to Facebook, video content is becoming more prolific and popular amongst Twitter users; arguably more popular than any other platform. Nielson states that videos posted on Twitter are two times more popular than their rival sites and video content is 6 times more likely to be shared than text and image based posts.

However, only 71% of marketers have stated that the platform was effective for digital marketing content compared to the 85% for Facebook. This might change with the current 1.2 billion video views per day and the content becoming the fastest growing advertising option on the platform. Video also helps to gain larger engagement as well, with tweets including video curating 10X more engagement that content without video incorporated. 

Tips for Twitter:

Similar to Facebook, Twitter for video marketing should also have an element of audience empathy. That being said, Twitter is often used as a source of current News and information, as opposed to entertainment. With this in mind content should be time sensitive, current and topical. A brand needs a voice and opinion on the news that their consumers will be interested and invested in. Topical videos on the platform have 32% more chance of surpassing over three seconds of a view and 11% for a full viewing. This might seem small but many users will ignore most content that is on their timeline. Taking this into account it is crucial to grab Twitter users attention. Including people in your video in the first three seconds can improve the viewers emotional response by 133% compared to video content without. Another tip is that including text can increase the level of a full viewing by 28%. 


Unlike the other two platforms, LinkedIn’s main use is for business and most video marketing is for B2B (business to business) use, rather than commercial. The platform is lucrative for gaining new clients; with 80% of B2B social media leads being generated from the platform. To put this into perspective, Twitter only produces 13% and Facebook producing 7% or new leads. LinkedIn also produces three times as many conversions as the other two platforms, this is because the users on the platforms are coming to find more specific information relating to their industry and more likely to spend time engaging with the content. Video content like other platforms is the most successful, 61% of marketers plan to use the platform this year and 84% have stated that they have found success with using LinkedIn. 

Tips for LinkedIn: 

Even though LinkedIn users are more likely to be engrossed in your content, videos should be short and straight to the point. Users are looking for a direct simple message which has been clearly researched and plays on the needs and wants of the user. Videos should only be used if there is a clear target in mind and understanding why they might need a brand’s help or partnership. The most important aspects of videos on the marketing is to not overload your page with videos, there should be a healthy mix of content and 4 videos max a week. 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same page, they prefer to watch the video content available.

Keep an eye out for part two of our Social Video blog series where we will discuss other major social platforms and their relationship with video. 

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