Building Consumer Relationships with Video

57% of Gen Zs and Millennials now believe that brands should convey messaging of moral support, showing they understand consumers struggles, according to Spotify’s Global Trend Report ‘19.

HubSpot also found that 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

Put two and two together, and you’ll find that including social-ready video within your marketing strategy is the best way of curating customer loyalty to a huge market of consumers.

Build trust through video

Video is a powerful storytelling medium. It’s emotionally resonant combination of sound, motion, and visuals can help you drive deeper, more satisfying relationships between your brand and its audience.

When consumers watch video, a very impressive 95% of branded key messages are retained.

But if your video narrative is just a sales pitch, it will get lost in the vacuum of advertising noise that individuals face on a daily basis.

To create video that your consumers will appreciate, you need to understand what your customers needs and wants are.

This starts with some market research. Dive into what emotions your brand can empathise with? What problems are your consumers facing, and how can you solve this? These are the questions that should form the basis of pre-production for an end product that your customers can get on board with.

Ultimately, your video should communicate a problem-solving narrative. If you’re a brand that understands consumers in pre-production, the narrative of the video will naturally be tailored to them, helping your audience feel that you, a brand, are considerate of their needs.

How does this build trust?

This content speaks directly to your target demographic about something they can relate to, why your service or product matters, rather than what your service or product is.

Communicating the why through video is authentic, putting a face to the name and humanises your business, no matter its size. The value of authenticity and transparency allows for your consumers to build a relationship with you, which in turn, generates trust and customer loyalty.

Jack AllComment