Social Video X The Beauty Industry

For the month of May, we at Jack-All are focused on producing content around cosmetics, how video can apply to the industry and how current trends are thriving with the implementation of video content on social media platforms.

To start things off we thought we would focus on the Met Gala, this year’s theme was camp and we were not let down by the looks on the red carpet. We would like to tell you our three top beauty looks on the red carpet and how these looks are relevant to video trends online.

Ezra Miller

Our top look has to be the Fantastic Beast’s star, Ezra Miller’s optical illusion look, which was revealed underneath a cast of Miller’s own face. The Dali inspired look used five painted realistic eyes around Miller’s own eyes, to create a makeup look not seen before on the Met Gala’s red carpet. Mimi Choi is the makeup artist who created this look and her tutorials on Instagram have been wowing us for years. The self-made makeup artist quit her full-time job as a teacher to go into the world of online tutorials and now is thriving as one of the most sort out the artist in the industry. Showing that social media videos are the perfect portal for providing an outlet and platform to start your career in the arts.

Michael Urie

Our second favourite look has to be the Ugly Betty star, Michael Urie’s split-gender look. Which took camp to an interesting level, clashing the masculine with the feminine in his make-up. Consisting of Urie daring to go make-up free on one side and on the other side a simple bit of blush and smokey eye, together with the whole outfit, the makeup creates a dynamic gender-bending look that stands out from the crowd. This look made us think of the current trends within the cosmetic industry towards the gender-neutral or unisex brands that are rising in popularity. These brands popularity and visibility online have been helped in a massive part to influencers using them in their own videos, such as NikkieTutorials. These brands have taken advantage of current trends within the community of makeup influencers and in turn, have been rewarded with direct marketing towards demographics of customers who they might have been missing via the more traditional forms of marketing.

Billy Porter

The third and final makeup look we would like to touch on is American Horror Story star, Billy Porter’s fantastic gold diamond look, with gold embellishments and paint surrounding porters eyes and a gold and deep dark red lip, Porter look was as camp as possible and showed how the men of the red carpet seemed to outshine most of the women for this year’s Met Gala’s makeup looks. It also shows the current trends of male makeup influencers and drag queens becoming more and more popular over the last couple of years. Two RuPaul’s Drag Race winners attended the Met Gala and so did influencer James Charles. Showing that video and online presence on social media has helped create individuals who may have been left out of previous mainstream media events. In turn, reinforcing the power of video on social media for brands, communities, and influencers to be propelled to the mainstream

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Words: Matty Morgan

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