Why Video Marketing is Revolutionising Property

Real estate and property that uses video marketing receives 403% more inquiries than those without video- need we say anymore? The rise of video has proven to be the most efficient way of improving reach, notably for the part of your target audience who don’t already know about your brand. Video has tangible business values. It’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest way of getting in front of an audience. With 80% amount of all internet using video, most marketing companies are starting to realise that to make a big impression- you’ll need video.


So, here’s our Top Five Reasons Why Property Needs Video

1.     The Power of Visual.

The recent boom in technology has caused two-dimensional photography to lose its prestige. 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video. Only 9% of agents create listing videos. This enormous gap means it’s a perfect time to step apart from the competition and provide clients with 360 degree visuals, essentially providing customers with an open house; anytime, anywhere.  

2.    Trust is Key.

Purchasing or even renting property is a financially significant moment and trust is fundamental. The property sector has been burdened with unfortunate stereotypes and therefore finding a way to create strong relationships with clients before meeting them is crucial. Customer testimonials are an incredibly simple way of building trust with a client. Presenting video testimonials is an efficient and cost effective way of building relationships and trust with minimal effort.

3.     Time is money.  

360-degree video captures large, multifunctional spaces essentially saving time on constant open house viewing.

It’s also important to remember to look beyond the space. People are buying lifestyle, a location, not just renting a property. Using drone footage and animation is a highly effective way of showcasing an area, the local amenities and why a business would benefit from choosing to locate themselves in your property.

4.    Building the Brand.

 Managing expectations is essential. By giving clients a condensed view of how a property is made and created not only builds trust in a company but it creates evidence for future projects; creating a more condensed, viable brand. Video is estimated to make up for 80% of all global internet traffic. If you want to build your brand it’s become increasingly evident that the most effective way of achieving this is through video.  

5.    People buy People.

The most important way of setting yourself apart from the crowd is by presenting your company culture and humanising your business. Separating from other more sterile, corporate brands and focusing on the emotional appeal a tried and tested marketing strategy.

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