The Jack-All BAFTA Best Film

 As self-coined pioneers of video, there’s a definite buzz in the office this morning as we discuss our personal BAFTA highlights. So, here’s a quick run-down our ‘would be’

Jack-All Best Film Nominations…


The Favourite: 9/10

In agreement with BAFTA’s choice, ‘The Favourite’ would certainly be my nomination. Frankly, I love anything by Yorgos Lanthimos. I was first introduced to his films with the bizarre, dark comedy ‘Dogtooth’ (2010) and since then have been an enormous fan of his repertoire from ‘The Lobster’ (2015) to ‘The Killing Of The Sacred Deer’ (2017).  His creative genius is, for me, unparalleled. There are obstinately no films that mimic his style. Plus, with a line-up of leading actresses; Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weiss and Emma Stone- personally it could do no wrong in my eyes.


Bohemian Rhapsody 9/10

This film gives ALL the good vibes. Such a incredibly feel good and insightful film; giving an amazing perspective of Freddie Mercury and the legendary journey of the band. If you’re a fan of Queen or just want an easy going, great film, this is the one for you. Remi Malek definitely deserved his BAFTA for Leading Role, what a performance!


The Meg: 3/10

‘A film so bad… it’s great’. Chris was feeling a little let down during last night’s BAFTA viewing, that his favourite film of 2018, somehow, shockingly, hadn’t made the cut. For those who may not have heard of ‘The Meg’, it tells the gripping tale of an enormous, thought-to-be-extinct creature…. Essentially a giant shark. To give the film it’s due, we all love Jason Statham and are partial to a shark film (no matter the size) so for that reason, and that reason alone, Chris is putting forward ‘The Meg’ as his film nomination.


Vice: 8/10

The cast for this film speaks for itself; with Christian Bale presenting yet another incredulous physical transformation and Amy Adams’ raw, human performance. If bio pics are your jam, then this film is definitely for you. With whispers around Hollywood of Bale’s Oscar opportunities, this film ticks all the boxes. Great performances, great cinematography and that’s why this is Nick’s nomination for Best Film.

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