Welcome to the team!

At Jack-All productions, we’re delighted to announce two incredible additions to our team! 

Firstly, we’re made up to welcome tech-whizz, Chris Kuta, who will be heading up our post-production department. Chris joins us with an impressive background working for digital agencies, big brands as well as imparting his knowledge as a lecturer in colleges. Chris has exceptional attention to detail, can work pretty much any piece of software and has an incredible knack for developing technical solutions. He is already a great asset to what we do! 



Secondly, we are beyond excited to bring on board James Parr as our brand new business development executive. James is a graduate of the Agent Academy and has an infectious energy and passion for developing ideas and building relationships. James is also a talented designer and therefore will play a big part in the creative process when working with our clients to produce visually creative and innovative strategies. James would love to get to know you, if you fancy meeting for a coffee, drop him a line!


We’re thrilled to grow our team to better meet the needs of our clients, as well as to continue going the extra mile in delivering work we are proud of. Chris and James are undoubtedly going to help us in achieving this.