The Power of YouTube For Online Marketing 2018


Social media algorithms and marketing tools are ever-changing which means that if you want to be ahead of the digital marketing game- you need to keep up with the trends. Video is dominating the online marketing scene. In fact 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool -- up from 63%, the number reported in 2017.

Written content is losing precedence within the digital marketing scene. Today, entire marketing books are dedicated to ‘The Power of YouTube for online marketing’. As a video production company, we have created various vlogs and videos for YouTube marketing channels or digital marketing strategies. YouTube has become a platform where people have made their entire fame and success based on video and why? Well here are 5 reasons why you should be using YouTube for your internet success.


1.     YouTube is the third most popular site on the internet. With this level of high traffic volume, YouTube is fast becoming one of the most important platforms for digital Marketing in 2018. As video is often disregarded as a luxury marketing service, SME’s and larger companies are missing a huge opportunity to get involved in a major platform to either promote their business, build their brand or advertise their products.

2.     In the continuous battle for search dominance and the power of SEO, video can seriously improve your Google glory. Lest we forget that YouTube is actually owned by Google, so if you want to be fashioning yourself on the first page of the most popular search engine, you need to be putting out quality YouTube content.

3.     Need for powerful communication and marketing tools. Engagement with something that isn’t text. As we have said numerous times, millennials don’t have the concentration span to be trawling through pages of written content. The power of video is its fast, accessible and will connect with those of us who don’t have time to trawl through masses of written content.  Especially for smaller businesses who don’t have the funds for expensive marketing campaigns. Despite Video still being a relatively new phenomenon

4.     Unlike the battle on Google, it’s still relatively easy to get a solid ranking on YouTube. People are still discovering video (believe it or not!). Remember that YouTube is a platform where many celebrities based their entire fame (Justin Bieber being the most obvious example) so while people are still getting their heads around video 2018 is the perfect time to exploit the marketing scene via YouTube. 

5.     YouTube Influencers. In our recent blog about the Rise of Influencer Marketing, we explained how celebrity influence is dwindling and the rise of influential online figures are starting to dominant consumer’s decisions. Zoella, an English fashion and beauty vlogger is said, according to The Sunday Times, to have banked nearly £400,000 through her YouTube career alone. The influence of Zoella has been enormous and solid proof of the success of YouTubers and Vloggers in dominating the influencer scene. 




Words by: Colette Kellgren-Parker 

Jack-All Productions.