Top 5 Video Advertising Campaigns of 2017

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As a video production company, we are passionate about stylish, well-executed video. Last year saw a great deal of inventive and creative advertising campaigns from the controversial (Pepsi), to the emotive and powerful. This year, with the rise of social video, advertising has steered towards a celebration of creativity and homemade video, alongside the usual big budget, high-quality film. Here is a selection our five favourite advertising campaigns 2017.

1.     New York Times "The Truth Is Hard to Find"

In a year where Fake News scandals exploded, The New York Times took advantage of people’s need for the simple, untainted truth. Through a powerful representation of the journey it takes to capture the raw, true news, the newspaper created a new branding campaign aimed at encouraging the public to appreciate paid-for-news. The campaign was cleverly captured through simple but powerful snapshot images, presenting the role of journalism in capturing these images and the lengths they will go to get them. A dynamic and thought-provoking campaign with the simple message; ‘The truth is hard to find’. Combining clever videography alongside simple, strong sound bites, this campaign was hugely successful, experiencing record subscription growth in the first quarter of 2017.

2.     Instagram “Stories Are Everywhere”

This is a wonderful piece of advertising and a firm favourite for us at Jack-All Productions. A testament to the accessibility of video and home-made film, combining colourful imagery and witty humour. This video campaign is a celebration of creativity. Mirroring Apple’s campaign in regards to the amateur use of film and using mobile devices, but from a refreshingly simple and steerly away from overly-produced advertising. If it makes you laugh and is shareable, it’s a winner. And we have certainly shared this video numerous times. 

3.     Apple “Earth”

Apple is notorious for its slick, simple design with both products and advertising campaigns. In many ways this campaign isn’t unlike the others except it bring a very pointed political message against Trump’s decision to back away from the Paris Climate Agreement. This isn’t the first time that an advertising campaigns has ridden the wave of a political statement- one that can often be a risky choice. However, this campaign cleverly draws upon the beauty of visual image, the beauty of nature and of course- the beauty that can be created by using Apple’s products. It’s an excellently delivered piece of advertising, great imagery and an emotive Baz Luherrman-esk voice-over that moves even the most cynical of us. 

4.     Heineken “Worlds Apart”

A much more successful attempt at tackling a political issue through advertising than the infamous Pepsi Advert. Heineken instead manages to play on the simple concept of ‘having a chat over a pint’, except the chat is between strangers with vastly different political views.

More importantly, social media feeds LOVED this advertising campaign, being shared across all social platforms, seeing serious engagement. The advert champions constructivism in its non-judgemental portrayal of the tag line “there’s more that unites than divides us". It’s an engaging and relatable advertising stroke of genius. And if longevity is what represents a successful advertising campaign, Heineken certainly created a campaign that’s been discussed and had widespread online sharing.

5.     Coca Cola “Pool Boy”

In the latest of their “Taste the feeling” campaign, Coke plays upon the trope of ‘hunky man drinks coke’ but this time with a much more modern and inclusive twist.  The story of a sister and brother both lusting after the attractive pool boy, battling to be the first to give him a refreshing bottle of Coke, only to find their mother has beaten them to it. It’s light hearted and well-executed advert, subtly weaving into LGBT inclusivity and promoting diversity.