The Jack-All Valentine's Playlist

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It’s officially Valentine’s Day! The shops are lined with over-priced-average-tasting boxes of chocolate, garish red roses and the stench of desperation. So, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a bit of a cynical grump, we all secretly love a bit of romantic cinematography. As a video production company debates surrounding film at the office are often heated and borderline aggressive (please no one ever mention Die Hard again). I digress. So, in the light of this season of love/ hugely expensive marketing ploy, we have put together a list of what we, individually, will be watching this February 14th.  

Disclaimer: Some of these films are arguably in no way romantic.  




I don’t know if it’s because she’s seemingly always pregnant and still looks about 16, but Colette never gets bored of watching Juno. Again, potentially because of the pregnancy hormones (or that she genuinely regards herself as ‘just an emotional mess’) she loves a good cry, so anything from 'Romeo and Juliet' to 'When Harry Met Sally' is right up her street. And finally, being a little pretentious and having studied French, Colette is a sucker for a bit of depressing, quirky francophone cinema. So, here’s what she’ll be watching this Valentine’s Day…

1.     Juno (2007)- Jason Reitman

2.     Amélie (2001)- Jean-Pierre Jeunet

3.     Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013)- Abdellatif Kechiche



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James, who adamantly proclaims he is ‘definitely not a romantic’ has a surprisingly sentimental taste in Rom Com films. His ultimate favourite being the classic but somewhat terrible, ‘What Women Want’, being closely followed by the Bridget Jones Diary Trilogy, which he claims his girlfriend ‘forces him to watch’… Ok, James.

Choices for tonight’s watching:

1. . Dirty Dancing (1987)- Emile Ardolin

2. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004)- Beeban Kidron

3. What Women Want- (2000) Nancy Mayers




Adam nonchalantly describes Valentine’s as a ‘waste of money’, yet he still enjoys the excuse to 'do something nice'. As one of our main freelance camera operators, Adam is passionate about film but feels a Valentine’s watching shouldn’t be overly romantic and going for a light-hearted comedy is the way forward. Adam would rather choose Hatchi than a classic Rom Com as he prefers a 'Valentine’s with a twist' and believes his love for dogs is on par to that of humans.

1.     Deadpool (2016)- Tim Miller

2.     Something About Mary (1998)- Peter and Bobby Farrelly.

3.     Hatchi (2009)- Lasse Hallstrom



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Nick prefers a powerful, sentimental film as opposed to an unashamedly cheesy Rom Com. His guilty pleasure being films about redemption and giving the protagonist a second chance. Nick loves a selection of films to warm the heart and his taste in film most definitely wins the percentages on Rotten Tomatoes (comparatively t0 James, anyway).

Here is Nick's line up for tonight’s watching…

1.     A Patch of Blue (1965)- Guy Green

2.     You’ve Got Mail (1998)- Nora Ephron

3.     The Apartment (1960)- Billy Wilder

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