Why is video content so important?




With the rise of technology and video, written articles and content are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Cisco recently estimated that by the end of 2017 video content would account for 69% of all consumer traffic, so imagine where video will take us in the next decade!  In an era where we are constantly overloaded with information, covering several social media platforms, it’s often difficult for smaller and even more commercial brands to have their voices heard. So, the real question is: Why Video?

1.     The Engaging Storyteller.

So much of online content is information heavy, monotonous and therefore alienates 'lazier' consumers, who don’t have the energy to trawl through pages of written content. A good video production company is a good storyteller- someone who can engage effectively with a target audience using creativity and video to produce a strong marketing campaign. If content is easier to digest, it's allows for engagement with a much larger audience. 

2.     Return of Investment.

Smaller, independent businesses are often deterred by the idea of video, seeing it an unnecessary and luxury marketing tool. These businesses make this assumption at their own peril! With 83% of businesses claiming a good ROI on all video content, and with social sharing becoming much more influenced by video content, small businesses are missing out of an indispensable marketing tool to compete with larger, more dominating brands and services. 


3.     Improving your SEO.

Google is fast becoming one of the most important tools for increasing brand awareness. Moovly quotes that you are 53 times more likely to show up on a google if you have an embedded video on your website. Finding a company with reasonable and competitive pricing for video production could seriously boost your business’ SEO and by proxy, brand awareness and sales.

4.     Technology and Video go hand-in-hand.

Video is everywhere! The rise of the YouTubers are having an immense influence on the marketing world. There's an increase in ‘explainer videos’, where companies are using video and animation to explain more complicated content and topics, rather than written instructions and manuals. Video is affecting all aspects of marketing and businesses. With 90% of all mobile users watching video on their phone, if you aren’t using video on even a smaller scale, you are missing out on engaging with numerous target audiences, including those more notoriously difficult to engage with.


Good video content combines marketing, creativity and a good understanding of the psychology of consumers. Look at your marketing strategies and ask yourself- Why not video?


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