Beat The Scrum: Widnes Vikings x NHS Halton

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NHS Halton has teamed up with Widnes Vikings to tackle the immense pressure on NHS services over winter.

Jack-All Productions have filmed and edited a series of videos combining humour and light-hearted ‘rugby banter’ to communicate a more serious message. By using effective video content, Jack-All provide the NHS with a platform to educate the public about the different services available, and to encourage people to protect themselves from serious illnesses over winter. From the amazing The Superbowl Widnes to Urgent Care centres, the Jack-All team exploited several different enviroments to engage with the range of target audiences.

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Friday’s filming was a day of good humour, from the club’s great legends to the enthusiastic young academy players. Even when filming in an Urgent Care Centre, a few of the Widnes senior ladies couldn’t help but inquire as to what was going on, quickly getting to their ulterior motive… ‘So, can I get a picture with the lads?’

There was a real sense of community spirit from the locals and the lads alike, who all felt passionately about relieving the pressure on our NHS. Everyone filmed were genuinely shocked to hear the statistics of people attending A&E with coughs and colds, and the overwhelming costs this was having on the NHS.

This project for Jack-All has been a testament of the power of good quality, engaging video content. Following the first release of videos, NHS Halton saw an 8% decrease in people attending A&E, an outstanding result for both the community, the NHS, and us at Jack-All who are always proud to have delivered a palpably successful product for our clients.


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