Jamie's Journey!

Jack-All Productions have been working with national social care charity Community Integrated Care for over a year now. We've had the pleasure of meeting and working with, not just their incredible staff, but also the people who they support, from across their many services around the country. Something which we learned early on in our working relationship with Community Integrated Care was how as an organisation they put they people they support at the centre of everything they do. 

One Page Profiles are a perfect example of this, which they use to match up staff with people they support according to their personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Furthermore, the staff of Community Integrated Care are always looking for ways to help the people they support achieve their goals and enable them to really fulfil their potential. 

Earlier this year, the marketing team of Community Integrated Care informed us that a young man who they support in Edinburgh, Jamie, had entered to run the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon and was currently in training along with his two support workers Mike & Brett. The team decided this would be great to capture and we couldn't agree more. In the first episode of Jamie's Journey, we meet Jamie!


Having ran the Half marathon myself, I know it's a physical challenge in itself, for anyone. For Jamie, who has autism, it is even more of a challenge. Jamie has difficulty in certain social situations, in particular large groups of people. Running alongside thousands of strangers is something far outside of Jamie's comfort zone. In the second Episode of Jamie's Journey we hear his Senior Support worker Brett discussing what Jamie what like when he first came to Community Integrated Care's Howden Hall.

Finally- the day arrived that Jamie, Brett and Mike had been preparing for- March 13th 2016, the day of the Adidas Silverstone half marathon. Our team were on hand to capture every step of the day. The anticipation, the determination and the reaction of what proved to be a spectacular journey. 

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