Imagine No Food Poverty #JL75

On October 9th 2015 John Lennon would have been celebrating his 75th Birthday. Our friends at The Beatles Story teamed up with Can Cook Studio to celebrate the occasion by giving back to the community and offering support in the fight against food poverty.

The campaign, led by John's sister Julia Baird launches a campaign to fight against food poverty - 'Imagine No Food Poverty.' 

Jack-All Productions had the pleasure of producing a video to launch the 'Imagine No Food Poverty' campaign which features John’s sister, Julia, his schoolboy friend Tim Holmes and Robbie Davison, Director from Can Cook. The video draws parallels between the food rationing during John's childhood and the problem of food poverty in Liverpool and across Britain which exists today. Robbie Davison hopes to encourage people to cook using healthy ingredients to make nourishing meals, even on a tight budget. 

Garston-based cookery studio Can Cook have created the cake which is made out of chocolate because that was John Lennon’s favourite.

Julia said: “When John was young, it was war time and food was scarce so our family used to save up our chocolate rations so that when John’s birthday was coming up we could make him his favourite cake.

“He loved chocolate cake and this year as it would have been John’s 75th birthday I wanted to tell the story and tie it in with fighting food poverty in his hometown of Liverpool and in the UK today."

The cake will be auctioned with all proceeds going to Can Cook to support the 'Imagine No Food Poverty' campaign.

Robbie said: “Food poverty in the UK means over a million families with children are going hungry. Our solution is to provide fresh food to everyone who is hungry. By joining the 'Imagine No Food Poverty' campaign you will help feed good fresh food to people when they most need it.”

"As part of the launch of this campaign, we will also be retailing a special chocolate brownie that will be sold in the Beatles Story's shops and cafes and through the other Beatles Liverpool partners and for every brownie sold, we will give towards a meal for someone in food poverty."

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