The Rise of Live Streaming

Marketing is constantly evolving, with tech forever advancing and behavioural online patterns shifting, it can feel exhausting trying to keep ahead in the digital game- but if you want to be a successful marketer, you don't really have a choice. Marketers always need to be looking beyond what’s working now and continually think about what’s going to be working next.

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VLOG: 5 Top Tips for Talking On Camera

As a video production company it seemed a little ironic that we were churning out blogs and still  ignoring video as part of our marketing strategy (despite preaching about the power of video all the time)! Alas, we have created a brand new vlog series to impart some of our knowledge on video, marketing and anything else that we consider remotely useful! For our debut of Jack-All's new vlog series, Kelly Forshaw our Head of Business Development gives an insight into her 5 Top Tips for Talking on Camera.


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The Rise of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories launched in 2016 infamously mirroring the ephemeral (disappearing after 24 hours) characteristics of rival social platform, Snapchat. It wasn’t until 2017 that Stories’ success exploded. Previous to this, Instagram was solely used by Marketers to build brand identity and exploit Influencer Marketing. Stories opened an entirely new and lucrative gateway, allowing Marketers to connect, sell, link up products, add URL and more, expanding the possibilities to use Instagram as a way of directly selling products and engaging more continuously with their customers.

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"How-To Videos" and How To Do Them Properly.

The Rise of the “How-To” and why

As a video production company we understand that video is crucial for marketing success. From branding to improving SEO, video is the perfect way to support your brand and promote your products. "How-To Videos" offer a simple and relatively cost effective way of showing off your products, or simple getting improving brand awareness. With a video tutorial for "How To Make A Frozen Princess Themed Cake" reaching 176 million views, you'd be foolish to overlook the power of the How-To Video. 

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15 Greatest Film Adaptations

Today is a day for celebrating incredible literature and its legacy but let’s face it, we’re a video production company and our passion lies in the moving image as opposed to the written word. However, a baffling amount of film has based itself or taken influence from novels and literary works throughout the centuries. Therefore, in our own Jack-All way, we are celebrating World Book Day by giving you our list of the top film adaptations of literary masterpieces (in no particular order) … Enjoy!

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The Jack-All Valentine's Playlist

It’s officially Valentine’s Day. The shops are lined with over-priced-average-tasting boxes of chocolate, garish red roses and the stench of desperation. So, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a bit of a cynical grump, we all secretly love a bit of Romantic cinematography...

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5 Top Tips For A Successful Blog

Blogs (originally ‘Web logs’) started in the early 1990’s. These online diaries were exclusive to those who understood code. In 2003, the creation of WordPress and other blogging platforms meant that accessibility to simple blogging templates exploded. It didn’t take long before businesses saw the potential of turning these personal online entries into a commercial marketing strategy.

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The Rise of Social Video

Social video is often misconstrued as exclusively being expensive, high quality, professional video used for large social media campaigns.  This isn’t the case. Social video covers all bases; from big budget video from the commercial companies, to a ten second video of your boss on snapchat.

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Can vlogging work for your business?

Vlogging may seem like a relatively new and alien concept. For some, the idea of talking to a camera, alone in a room, is a bit bizarre to say the least. It takes a lot of guts to allow that level of personal interaction and for many, it is a step too far out of their comfort zone. In which case, blogging is most certainly the safer option but vlogging shouldn’t be entirely dismissed.

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Is blogging still relevant?

As we already know, the marketing industry is fast-paced. The trends that were driving our businesses last year are becoming a thing of the past, and the boom of ‘the blog’ is rapidly diminishing. People are still partial to reading blogs, but they’re becoming increasingly more selective, which is a death sentence for start-ups and smaller businesses, who are still relying on this business model.

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Why is video content so important?

With the rise of technology and video, written articles and content are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Cisco recently estimated that by the end of 2017 video content would account for 69% of all consumer traffic, so imagine where video will take us in the next decade!  In an era where we are constantly overloaded with information, covering several social media platforms, it’s often difficult for smaller and even more commercial brands to have their voices heard. So, the real question is: Why Video?

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Beat The Scrum: Widnes Vikings x NHS Halton

NHS Halton has teamed up with Widnes Vikings to tackle the immense pressure on NHS services over winter.

Jack-All Productions have filmed and edited a series of videos combining humour and light-hearted ‘rugby banter’ to communicate a more serious message. By using effective video content, Jack-All provide the NHS with a platform to educate the public about the different services available, and to encourage people to protect themselves from serious illnesses over winter.

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Widnes Vikings Beat the Scrum with NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Jack All HQ as we’ve been watching the Widnes Vikings Beat the Scrum events unfold. It’s been a whirlwind of national attention and regional acclaim after the Vikings squad teamed up with NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group to create a unique series of videos to creatively educate and engage National Health Service users. Jack-All Productions are super proud to have been a part of such a successful campaign

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Community Integrated Care partner with Widnes Vikings!

Super League team, Widnes Vikings, and Community Integrated Care, are proud to announce one of Britain’s most ambitious partnerships between a professional sports team and a care provider. Jack-All Productions were delighted to capture the launch of this unique partnership as well as the amazing events that followed. 

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