Meet The Team

Nick Jackson - Managing Director / co-founder

Our Managing Director, Nick, is the driving force behind our productions. With an extensive background in the video industry, Nick can research and develop any given brief, allowing him to direct each project with a consistent level of professionalism and expertise. Like the rest of the team, Nick’s approachable nature and acknowledged skillset has proven him to be a trusted partner, and one that guarantees the return of client’s time and time again. @NickJacksonJA / Linkedin

Colette Kellgren - Business Development

Colette's extensive background in Marketing and Communications means she’s a bit of a social chameleon; allowing her to adapt to a plenary of different professional and social situations. Combining her expertise in social media strategies and the blogging world, she promotes the name of Jack-All Productions, alongside providing clients with a basic marketing platform where needed. / Linkedin

Kelly Forshaw - Business Development / co-founder

Kelly has the invaluable tool of being able to build relationships with near enough anyone she meets. Whether that be clients, public members or the occasional celebrity, Kelly has the skill-set, knowledge and charm to drive a project to its full potential. This approach also lends itself perfectly to her fantastic ability to conduct interviews and direct personnel across our filming days to gain the best content possible.   @kelly4shaw / Linkedin

Chris Kuta Production - Post Production

Chris, our self-coined ‘techno freak’ is forever combining business with pleasure. Chris is a passionate expert of the technological world. Whether it be to hone in on his skills as an Adobe guru or trekking up mountains in the Himalayas to photograph and film extraordinary shots- Chris always provides the highest quality standard of work. His incredible ability to learn any software to meet all client’s needs, as well as developing these technical solutions, consistently goes beyond client’s expectations.

Ethan Woodroofe - Production / Post Production

Ethan is our latest addition to the team.